1983-1988 - It was establish and was the leading casting company that bring in Co2 sand casting system to Singapore from Germany. With our specialize in aluminium brass and bronze casting marine parts, machine parts and construction parts, ladder accessory  and display parts with our major customers eg. American Marine ,Sembawang shipyard,Okamoto,Lipon Machine, Fong Lee Machining Seiko and Singapore HDB and more.


1988-1990-We expanded our business  from Singapore to Johor Bauru (Malaysia) and was casting parts for TTJ Design, IEC Singapore, Pacific Glass, Almix Metal, Aluform (Compact), Hwa Yew Metals and major ladder’s companies in Singapore


1989- 2003- Due to demand of volumes  in ladder accessory and to increase our productive in ladder’s accessory we had changed our sand system to gravity die casting, we was the 1st company to use gravity cast for all ladder’s, sunbeaker and  all hand railing accessory.



2004 - We was shifted our production foundry to Thailand and was named as B S Casting & Trading Co.,Ltd.  From our base customers in Singapore we also had customer located in Thailand, e.g. Okamoto, Asada, Serbig and more, with our long experience and our Singapore managing systems we believe we can give all our customer a better quality faster services.   From our experience we simplify our pattern mould for the ease of our employees to achieve less training and more productive and achieve best quality.